A sample application that uses a custom navigation library allowing you to navigate screens with animated transitions and pass any data type.

Back in 2005 while working in Israel, I worked for a startup that was inventing a motion detector that detected ground movement. It was meant primarily to detect human movement in secured areas and could distinguish fairly accurately whether the movement was caused by humans, animals or vehicles. The startup failed after about 4 years.

Fast forward to 2020 and Google is now working on an Android app that can detect earthquakes. The device I worked on at the startup was built using a 3-axis seismometer. …

I just recently started out using React.js and wanted to implement a material design UI for my entire app. I came across a well known open source library called material-ui:

While the library comes with a pre-defined theme, I really needed to change the styles to match up with what I wanted. In a standard web app, you just create a css file and include it in your HTML. But with React, this is generally not possible and css is handled differently. When you create a css file and import it using the import statement, React uses Webpack to compile…

This article describes a new way of developing and testing Android apps/libraries although the primary focus will be on a new methodology in testing. This new form of development came about with the need to:

  • Simplify testing code by eliminating the need for diverse frameworks including: Espresso, JUnit, Mockito, etc.
  • Simplify production and test code by eliminating dependency injection (DI).
  • Integrate testing features within an app that can be used by end clients.
  • Provide more robust reporting of bugs beyond just running basic pass/fail tests in Android Studio.
  • Allow testers (including clients) to easily report UI issues directly to Jira.

Johann Blake

Software developer and entrepreneur

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